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dedicated to educate professionals in the digital field

Digital Institute of Hong Kong

The Digital Institute of Hong Kong (DIHK) is a leading educational institution, dedicated to providing quality programmes and facilitating the professionalism in digital field.

To tackle the growing digital skills shortage and help the marketers to enhance their competitiveness in the new digital era, DIHK brings in the internationally acknowledged programmes, which are taught in over 50 countries around the world, defining the global certification standard in Digital Marketing education.


The mission of DIHK is to teach every digital marketing specialist the most up-to-date, valuable and sought-after knowledge and skill set needed in the ever-changing environment nowadays, and create an exceptional learning experience to every learner.

All the course materials, from tutorial videos and lecture notes to practical tips, are accessible anytime and anywhere with a computer, a tablet, or even a mobile phone.

The courses are taught by leading digital experts, who are practitioners working in the digital marketing field currently, so that day-to-day learning can benefit from their practical experiences and case studies in the real industry.

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Our courses are to cater for today’s global trend in digital marketing, and to provide variety and flexibility in learning options.

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