AWS solution associate preparation Course (Part Three) (AWS solution Associate 準備班 (第三節))


AWS solution associate preparation Course (Part Three) (AWS solution Associate 準備班 (第三節))


Learn skills such as AWS Elastic Cloud Compute, Simple Storage Service, VPC, Aurora database service, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, AWS S3, etc. This AWS training will also prepare you for the AWS Solutions Architect certification exam.

Course Outline

Module/Subject(s) Description of the Module/Subject
Automation and Configuration management

What is AWS Lambda
How Lambda is different from EC2
Benefits and limitations of Lambda
How does Lambda work
Use cases of Lambda, Lambda concepts
Integration S3 with Lambda
What is Elastic Beanstalk, how does Beanstalk work, Beanstalk
concepts, Beanstalk pricing
What is configuration management
What is AWS OpsWorks, AWS OpsWorks benefits
CloudFormation vs OpsWorks, services in OpsWorks, AWS
OpsWorks Stacks, OpsWorks pricing.

AWS Migration

What is Cloud migration
Why migration is important
Migration process in AWS, the 6 R’s migration strategy
Virtual machine migration, migrating a local vm onto the AWS
Migrating databases using Database Migration Service (DMS)
Migrating a local database to RDS
Migrating an on-premises database server to RDS using DMS,
other migration services.

Architecting AWS – whitepaper

Important guidelines for creating a well-architected AWS
framework that is resilient and performant
Designing of fault-tolerant and high-availability architecture
Resilient storage
Decoupling mechanism
Multi-tier architecture solution
Disaster recovery solution
Scalable and elastic solutions.