Certificate in Azure OpenAI for SMEs (中小企業 Azure OpenAI 證書)


Certificate in Azure OpenAI for SMEs (中小企業 Azure OpenAI 證書)


Azure OpenAI 是一個微軟的人工智能平台,提供了一個安全,穩定和可伸縮的環境,用於部署和運行 OpenAI 模型。它通過微軟的 Azure 平台提供了一個易於使用的接口,讓開發人員和數據科學家能夠輕鬆地利用人工智能技術,以構建具有智能的應用和服務。

通過參加 Certificate in Azure OpenAI for SMEs,將學習到:

- 如何使用 Azure OpenAI 的技術和工具解決商業和實際生活中的各種問題

- 如何微調 Azure OpenAI 模型以符合特定需求和情境

- 如何使用 Python 和 Azure OpenAI 實現各種 AI 項目

- 如何利用實際案例研究和實踐練習加深對 Azure OpenAI 技術的理解

- 自製 OpenAI Chatbot

Course Outline

Module/Subject(s) Description of the Module/Subject
Module 1: Introduction to AI and Azure Cognitive Services

- Overview of Artificial Intelligence
- Introduction to Azure Cognitive Services
- Speech Recognition API
- Image Recognition API
- Hands-on Experience with Implementing Azure Cognitive Services

Module 2: OpenAI Fundamentals and Utilizing Pre-Trained Models

- Overview of OpenAI and Its Mission
- Fundamentals of OpenAI Technology
- Azure OpenAI Subscription and Application
- Introduction to Pre-Trained OpenAI Models and Their Applications
- Hands-on Experience with Utilizing Pre-Trained Models for Specific Tasks
- Demonstration of Capabilities, Including Answering Questions Like a Google Search
- Hands-on Experience with Using OpenAI Models for Various Tasks

Module 3: Integrating Python with OpenAI

- Overview of the Python Programming Language
- Explanation of Integrating Python with OpenAI
- Hands-on Experience with Implementing Python and OpenAI Tasks and Projects
- Final Project: Customized Telegram Chatbot Development with Open AI

Module 4: Customizing OpenAI for Business Applications

- Explanation of When Fine-Tuning is Necessary
- Overview of Fine-Tuning OpenAI Models with Custom Data
- Best Practices for Dataset Structure Preparation
- Hands-on Experience with Fine-Tuning OpenAI for Business Scenarios, with a Focus on Hong Kong
- Overview of OpenAI Applications in Business
- Real-life Case Studies of OpenAI in Business
- Group Discussions and Hands-on Experience with Applying OpenAI in Business Contexts