AWS solution associate preparation Course (Part Two) (AWS solution Associate 準備班 (第二節))


AWS solution associate preparation Course (Part Two) (AWS solution Associate 準備班 (第二節))


Learn skills such as AWS Elastic Cloud Compute, Simple Storage Service, VPC, Aurora database service, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, AWS S3, etc. This AWS training will also prepare you for the AWS Solutions Architect certification exam.

Course Outline

Module/Subject(s) Description of the Module/Subject
Storage - Simple Storage Service (S3)

Introduction to AWS storage
Pre-S3 – online cloud storage
API, S3 consistency models
Storage hierarchy, buckets in S3
Objects in S3, metadata and storage classes, object
versioning, object lifecycle management, cross-region
replication, data encryption, connecting using VPC
endpoint, S3 pricing.

Databases and In-Memory DataStores

What is a database, types of databases, databases on AWS

Introduction to Amazon RDS
Multi-AZ deployments, features of RDS
Read replicas in RDS, reserved DB instances
RDS pricing and design patterns
Introduction to Amazon Aurora, benefits of Aurora, Aurora
pricing and design patterns
Introduction to DynamoDB, components of DynamoDB,
DynamoDB pricing and design patterns
What is Amazon Redshift, advantages of Redshift
What is ElastiCache, why ElastiCache.

Management and Application Services

Introduction to CloudFormation
CloudFormation components
CloudFormation templates
The concept of Infrastructure-as-a-code
Functions and pseudo parameters
Introduction to Simple Notification Service, how does SNS
Introduction to Simple Email Service, how does SES work
Introduction to Simple Queue Service, how does SQS work.

Access Management and Monitoring Services

Pre-IAM, why access management
Amazon Resource Name (ARN), IAM features
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) in IAM, JSON
IAM policies, IAM permissions, IAM roles, identity federation, pricing
Introduction to CloudWatch, metrics and namespaces,
CloudWatch architecture, dashboards in CW, CloudWatch alarms,
CloudWatch logs, pricing and design patterns
Introduction to CloudTrail, tracking API usage.