NFT – NFTs Essentials Training Course 2022 (NFT – NFT 基礎培訓課程 2022)


NFT – NFTs Essentials Training Course 2022 (NFT – NFT 基礎培訓課程 2022)


To understand and examine the essence and importance of NFT implementation and application in promotion, marketing, branding, IP and digital asset aspects

Course Outline

Module/Subject(s) Description of the Module/Subject
1. Introduction

1. Introduction
2. Updates (Important)
3. Class project 01 - Create Your Own Personal Qualities

2. Before You Start

1. What Is An NFT?
2. What Is A Blockchain?
3. The History Of NFT
4. Why You Should Create And Sell NFTs
5. How To Protect Your NFTs
6. Class Project 02 - Add Reasons, Blocks, Quote, And 4 Positive Personal Qualities

3. NFTs Creation Workshop - First Method

1. Getting Images
2. Modifying Images - Goart (Option 1)
3. Modifying Images - PhotoMania (Option 2)
4. Modifying Images - PhotoMosh (Option 3)
5. Add Text - Canva
6. Class Project 03 - Decide On An Idea, Produce It, Build An Audience, List It

4. The Basics

1. How To Set Up A MetaMask Wallet
2. Sign Up For OpenSea
3. OpenSea Fees Explained
4. List Your NFT On OpenSea
5. How To Buy An NFT
6. How To Fund Your Metamask Wallet
7. Build An Audience
8. Class Exercise
9. What Next After

5. BONUS 1 - The Ideas Workshop - Method 1 - Sell Art On The Solsea NFT Marketplace 1. How To List NFT On Solsea For Lower Gas Fees
6. BONUS 2 - The Ideas Workshop - Method 2 - Sell Selfies On The Polygon Blockchain

1. Polygon Blockchain Introduction - How To Sell NFT Without Gas Fee
2. What Is The Polygon Blockchain Major Advantage - Sell NFT Without Gas Fee
3. My Gameplan Inspiration - Beeple, Sultan Gustaf Al Ghazali Everyday Selfie NFT
4. How To Create An NFT Collection On The Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain
5. How To Create A Polygon NFT On OpenSea
6. How To List An NFT On The Polygon Blockchain
7. How To Add Additional NFTS To Your Polygon Blockchain Collection

7. BONUS 3 - NFTs Creation Workshop - Second Method

1. Create A 3D Image With Cinema 4D
2. How Do You Add A Physical Sky In C4D (Cinema 4D)? How To Create Clouds In C4D
3. How To Create A Glass Material In Cinema 4D - Make Transparent Materials in C4D
4. Create A 3D Animation With Cinema 4D
5. Add Sound Effects To Your Animation
6. How To Make Rain Or Snow In Cinema 4D And Upload Your Digital Art To Instagram

8. BONUS 4 - NFTs Creation Workshop - Third Method 1. Create A Unique Image In Less Than 3 Minutes With An AI Painting Generator
9. BONUS 5 - NFTs Creation Workshop - Fourth Method

1. My Heritage Nostalgia Service Will Bring Images To LIFE!
2. Class Project 04 - Create A Social Media Account, Post To It, And Add A Bio Link

10. BONUS 6 - How To Build An Audience On TikTok, Clubhouse & Discord

1. Download The Apps, Install It, And Then Publish Your First Image On TikTok, and Your First Program in Clubhouse and Discord
2. Publish Your First Video On TIkTok - Test Shorter Videos
3. Publish Your Second Video On TIkTok - Take Advantage Of The Looping Feature
4. Go Alive for Your First Clubhouse & Discord Program and Build Up Community
5. Project 05 - Learn More About The NFT Space