Digital Marketing – Social Media Marketing & Case Study for Industrialists and Manufacturers (數碼營銷 – 社交媒體營銷課程及個案分享 廠商案例分析)


Digital Marketing - Social Media Marketing & Case Study for Industrialists and Manufacturers (數碼營銷 - 社交媒體營銷課程及個案分享 廠商案例分析)


This program is an initiative designed to educate industrial practitioners in understanding how to launch a successful marketing campaign and measure its outcomes. As a practitioner, digital marketing and social media have transformed marketing and business practice across the globe, we have to understand the evolving digital landscape and examine the strategic role of digital marketing processes and tools in designing the overall marketing strategy and the digital marketing plan. It explores the challenges

Course Outline


Description of the Module/Subject

The Keys to Successful Marketing Campaign

• Ensuring digital PR press release include the top keywords 

• Embedding X2/3 website URL highly clickable 

• Listening to various media channels, collect media list who has interviewed or 

received the PR

• Amplifying those published PR through social media and other open content platform

Consequences and Outcomes Measurement

• By evaluating customer differences across countries, able to focus more effectively 

target consumer in local markets 

• By shifting from an advertising strategy to a social promotion strategy, able to increase

the ad value (ROI) without increasing budget solely

• Developing strategy to drive earned media engagement and achieving high hit rate

Customer Journey Optimization

• involves deep knowledge on social media and search engine channels 

• understands the algorithm for boosting organic reach and results

• attains a more sustaining organic growth in traffic: Social vs Search vs Owned

• analyses demographics and reviews campaign settings

Tips for Industrialists' and Manufacturers' Marketer

• Using data-driven process to identify the gaps and maximize ROI 

• Never relying on just one particular social media platform

• Ride on trends

Achieving 4 KPIs in social media & digital marketing world

 Fans Growth - Growing social media and owned media visitors 

 Content Engagement - Measuring content engagement to identify the sweet spots of 


 Media Efficiency - Seeking for the cost effective way to influence target audience 

 Goal Conversion - Focusing in maximizing the number of goal conversions