Social Media Marketing B2B: Proven Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing B2B: Proven Social Media Marketing


This course is for anyone involved in B2B social media marketing, including marketing managers and consultants.

The primary focus of this course is how to acquire customers or clients quickly and cost-effectively using social media marketing & advertising. To explain longer-term strategies for B2B brand building and using social media marketing KPIs to drive this.

the key components right now are:

LinkedIn lead generation and customer acquisition

Advanced LinkedIn advertising methods

Facebook for cost-effective B2B social media marketing

A bit about Twitter ads and using Instagram within the Facebook advertising platform

Course Outline

Module/Subject(s) Description of the Module/Subject
LinkedIn Quick Fixes for Social Media Marketing

1. Most common mistakes with LinkedIn ads
2. LinkedIn mistakes
3. Fixing LinkedIn problem 1 with lead gen forms
4. Fixing LinkedIn problem 2 with negative targeting
5. Fixing LinkedIn problem 3 with bidding
6. Fixing LinkedIn problems 4 & 5 with nurturing

LinkedIn Video Ads

1. Creating a simple LinkedIn video ad in Canva
2. Simple & successful LinkedIn video ad example
3. Storytelling LinkedIn video ad example
4. LinkedIn Video Ad for Maximizing Views
5. Marketing Video Example

LinkedIn Message/Inbox Ads & Conversation Ads

1. LinkedIn Message Ad Example
2. LinkedIn Message Ad Example 2
4. LinkedIn Conversation Ads
5. "How I Generated 5X Return From One LinkedIn Conversations Ads Campaign"
6. LinkedIn WARNING about message ad KPIs!
7. LinkedIn: More Warnings

LinkedIn Text Ads

1. LinkedIn Text Ad Examples
2. LinkedIn Text Ads - UTM Tracking and Insights Tag

LinkedIn Image & Carousel Ads

1. LinkedIn image ads 1
2. LinkedIn image ads 2
3. LinkedIn image ad campaign example (SaaS consulting)
4. LinkedIn Carousel ads

LinkedIn General Advertising

1. Choosing the right LinkedIn campaign objective
2. LinkedIn Targeting
3. Warning about the default campaign group in LinkedIn
4. LinkedIn Pre-filled forms!
5. LinkedIn Audience Network
6. LinkedIn email scraping
7. LinkedIn matched audiences
8. LinkedIn account assets - led gen forms
9. LinkedIn website demographics

LinkedIn Account Based Marketing for Social Media Marketing

1. LinkedIn company/account targeting
2. ABM campaign to target accounts
3. Setting up the ABM campaign
4. Setting up the ABM ad
5. Finishing a conversation ad
6. Conversation Ads
7. Measuring ad performance
8. Persona level targeting
9. Integrations
10. 3 things worth testing

LinkedIn Advanced - Full-Funnel Advertising & Video

1. Avoid Gating Content
2. Gating
3. Assignment: Ungated LinkedIn Content4. Direct-Response vs
Brand Awareness
5. Direct Response
6. Out of Market Buyers
7. Buyers
8. Assignment: In-Market Buyers
9. In Market Targeting
10. Which of the following is generally consider "MOFU" or middle-of-funnel content?
11. Awareness Advertising
12. Awareness Marketing Stages
13. Frequency & Reach
14. Repetition
15. Awareness Campaign Example
16. Video as Direct Response
17. Cheaper Video Views Campaign
18. Video Views
19. Video Creative
20. Different Objective, Same Outcome
21. Comparing Video Metrics across Platforms
22. Comparing Videos within a Campaign
23. Lower CPC Creative
24. Comparing Video Views between Campaigns
25. When to Use LinkedIn Ads vs Other Ads
26. When to Use LinkedIn Ads vs Other Ads
27. 5 Ways to Boost B2B Awareness on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advanced - Research & Testing using Social Media Marketing

1. When Everything Fails
2. Testing
3. Using LinkedIn Ads for Research?
4. Research
5. Economies of Scale
6. Where to Use LinkedIn for Research

LinkedIn Advanced -  Targeting Considerations

1. Negative Targeting
2. Positive Targeting
3. Demographic Targeting