Data-Driven marketing and Marketing Automation for Industrial practitioners (再工業化業界課程: 數據驅動和自動化營銷)


Data-Driven marketing and Marketing Automation for Industrial practitioners (再工業化業界課程: 數據驅動和自動化營銷)


This course takes the AARRR online marketing model promoted by Growth Marketing as the core concept, replacing the traditional Sales Funnel model, and explains how to use various digital marketing tools to increase conversion rates and reduce losses.

In the course, participants can operate different digital marketing tools, interpret marketing data from different sources, and formulate future marketing strategies with the assistance of the instructor. After completing the course, students will understand the operation of different digital marketing tools and understand how to use data and automation to improve their company’s business efficiency. This course is composed of 3 modules, with both theory and practice. The teaching mode of the course is mainly face-to-face taught by instructors with online technical assistance. There are also real-time practical exercises in the class to ensure that participants can master the knowledge and technology of data-driven and marketing automation!

Course Outline

Module/Subject(s) Description of the Module/Subject
Introduction to Data Driven and Marketing Automation

• Traditional marketing VS growth marketing?
• AARRR model
• Data Driven Decision Making
• Marketing Automation
• Growth Hacking
• Optimize Landing Page
• Optimize User Onboarding
• Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Introduction to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• Digital Content Creation
• A/B Testing
• Discussion: How to implement data orientation?
• Discussion: What are the latest digital marketing and automation tools?

Data collection, analysis and conversion rate improvement

• Use data analysis to improve the company’s Activation and Revenue
• Learn the most used metrics in digital marketing
• Data Mining
• Heatmap
• User Onboarding
• Internship in A/B Testing and other optimization software
• Gamification
• Web analytics technology
• Case analysis

Marketing Automation System

• Marketing Automation for Customer Retention
• Marketing Automation for Referral Marketing
• Chatbot, AI Bot
• Remarketing technique and concept of collaborative filtering
• Use of automation in instant messenger, Whatsapp
• API Integration
• Customer Relationship Management System
• Case analysis